Be a Power Couple

It’s no secret. I suck at relationships.

Maybe that’s why I’m always buying books and reading, so I can improve on all the things I suck at.

Whether you’re coupled up or not here’s a book you should check out.

It’s called “The New Power Couple: Designing An Abundant Life And Relationship That Lasts Forever” by Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman.

These two are authors, speakers and social entrepreneurs.

In fact, I met these two at a conference on publishing and was so impressed that I bought their book.

When these two got together they not only decided to fall in love. but also decided to build an abundant life and that’s why they started “a collaberative vision” creating their own business they can do together.

The book will show you how to step outside your “comfort zone “and will help you “find the courage to live unapolegtically” as the unique person you are.

Some points covered in the book are:

  • Getting over fear
  • Health and wealth management
  • Watching for traps in relationship
  • Partnership as an adventure
  • Intention in relationship

Throughout their book they also share their personal story on how they got together, which always make a good read.

It’s $2.99 for your kindle or $19.99 for a paperback.

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