Energy = Flow

I talked to an interesting woman at a hotel bar yesterday.

I was at the hotel bar because my friend invited me to a free real estate seminar.  I’m not really a real estate person, but my friend is always talking about ideas with me, so naturally I’d be willing to tag along with him to a seminar on real estate.  Good friends do stuff like that for each other.

I got dressed up in a yellow tie, beige blazer, black pants and a pair of green Van sneakers I bought “new” the day before at Nordstrom Rack.  I even wore a watch I designed myself on

I dressed up because my friend told me he wanted to buy a suit for job interviews, so  naturally, I turned around, pulled all my “good” clothes out of my closet and now I’ve been wearing them for the past two days, just because.

Anyway, I sat at that hotel bar drinking happy hour beer and writing things down in my journal when a husband and wife couple sat down next to me.

The two were regulars because other servers were saying “hi” to them and smiling.

She ordered a drink and said the words “on the rocks” and “dirty” in the same sentence.

I  just sat there writing in my journal, writing about the high hotel ceiling, the liquor on the shelves with spotlights shining down on the bottles like they’re actors on a stage, writing a hotel scene that I will be using in a new story.

I even started writing about the couple, making up stuff, because I was curious.

All the while I sat sending and taking messages on my “dumb” phone, scheduling future interviews I’m going to do for my site.

The husband asked me, “Still working?” as if I should leave it at all at the office because it’s past 5 o’clock.  I didn’t tell him I was a writer, but closed my eyes and laughed and said, “My work’s never over.”

After thirty minutes sitting next to the couple, a woman in a baseball cap recognized them and said, “Holy Cajoly!”

I thought it was funny, “Holy Cajoly? I’ve never heard that one before!” I said.

The wife had heard it before and commented on how there’s always something new to learn.  She was interested in talking to me more and told me she channels energy.  I told her I was a creative writer and tried to get her email for my list, but instead just gave her a business card.

She wanted to tell me what she sensed.  I was hesitant, but after explaining my hesitation from past unpleasant experiences with new age people; like I’d been to an event once where we did one on one exercises with audience members, where more than one person told me I was depressed, which was way wack for me, but I decided to let her tell me about my vibration or whatever.

She said we are all unique.  1 in 8 billion people, and each one of us is unique!  I was learning this idea, just now, and finding my own way.

All true really.

“We should all make life more simple and not delve so deep into the intellectual side of things.”

I knew this already being such a nerd writer myself.  “Thinking” will give you high blood pressure because it’s where stress comes from, so that makes thinking bad for your health!

“If you go for a walk you’re creating new energy.  You can receive new thoughts for story ideas.  You can reset your body.”

She also said when you die you realize you’ve wasted a lot of time being negative, which you’re allowed to do here on the earth plane, but in the end you discover there’s only good energy out there… everywhere.

I told her there was a Black Eyed Peas song I heard years ago, an intro to their album, that had a similar theme.  I made a dj mix with that song as the intro once that got on a podcast.

The idea that there’s invisible energy out there, waiting for all of us to accept the unconditional love, is a great message to hear.

“It’s all about flow,” she said.

The most interesting thing she said was how when you sit around and do nothing the energy from the past is old and you need to get new energy “flowing.”

Since it’s springtime now, it’s easy for all of us to go out and access all this.  Go for a walk and see what’s available for you out there good energy wise.

Last night a friendly dog on a leash wagged its tail and sniffed me when I went out walking.

For some further study on this subject you can read a book called “Flow” on Amazon.